We are happy to announce the date for the 2020/21 Blues Dinner to be held at the Roundhouse on Friday 12 March. It's now that time of year again where we ask for nominations for worthy recipients to receive an award at the ceremony.

Nearly all sports and the relevant UNSW clubs and athletes have had significantly and even drastically reduced opportunities to run a full program of events, competitions and opportunities for participation or compete themselves due to COVID-19. Hence many clubs and athletes would be able to nominate for a Sports Award, and some clubs and athletes would be at distinct disadvantage compared to others. 

With this in mind, UNSW Sport has decided to present the 2019 Sports Awards, as well as three new 2020 Sports Awards, that recognise the community spirit and / or sporting achievements of our community, as well as the Blues and Sports Recoginition awards.

The nomination form for all awards is below and criteria for each category is as follows.

2020 Sports Awards

  • Team or Club of the Year
  • Female Student Athlete of the Year
  • Male Student Athlete of the Year

Award Criteria

Individual Nominee and the Team or Club nomination has, during 2020, shown one or more of the following:

  • demonstrated exceptional community spirit 
  • overcome adversity
  • shown resilience and determination
  • helped others in their sporting community
  • exhibited creativity, ingenuity, and positivity 
  • achieved sporting excellence 

University Blue

The UNSW Blues Award aims to recognise and celebrate UNSW Students who have achieved the highest level of sporting excellence in their chosen sport and are a person of outstanding character and values, who have made a contribution to sport at UNSW.

Award Criteria

  • The nominee must be a current student enrolled in a degree or diploma at UNSW
  • The nominee shall be an outstanding performer and meet the individual and/or team standards in their sport, and be approved by the Blues Committee
  • The nominee shall for a minimum period of TWO competitive years have actively participated at the highest level of sport, or equivalent, for which the University competes in that specific sport, or equivalent
  • Nominees do not have had to played for or represented UNSW, only the level of competition is equivalent to, or above the highest level available at UNSW. In some cases, nominees may have competed for a different club or team or individually against UNSW, this is not a valid reason for not receiving a Blues Award, providing they meet all criteria.
  • Nominees shall at all times demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and uphold the UNSW values throughout their sporting and academic career

Doug Crawford Sports Recognition Award

Sport Recognition Awards are awarded to club members for their continuous outstanding contributions to sport at UNSW. Doug Crawford has been a passionate contributor to UNSW Sport since 1952.

Award Criteria

  • The nominee shall have actively supported the nominating club for a minimum period of five (5) years including the year of nomination, either by consistent participation in the club's sporting or recreational activity or by valuable service to the club's organisation and administration.

Alex Blackwell Award

This newly introduced award aligns with the UNSW Women in Sport and Active Recreation Strategy and is named in honour of UNSW alumna and former Australian cricket captain Alex Blackwell, who has been a long-time advocate for women in sport.

Award Criteria

The nominee upholds the values and vision of the UNSW Women in Sport and Active Recreation Strategy in one or more of the following ways:

  • Advocating for women and girls in sport and active recreation
  • Being a trailblazer for women in the leadership of a sporting club or organisation
  • Coaching or developing programs that have increased women’s participation in sport
  • Supporting or being a role model for girls and women who want to participate or be involved in sport


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